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Customs regulations


Customs regulation for import of household goods in Russia are rather strict.

In Russia all shipments with household goods are subject to import duties (3-4 Euro per kg, depending on shipment contents).

Though there are 3 cases when household goods & personal effects can be imported in Russia duty-free:
1). Russian citizen was living abroad for more than 12 months and was registered with Russian Consulate abroad during the period exceeding 12 months. Before coming back to Russia, it is required to de-register and obtain a special letter about it at Russian Consulate. With this letter and declaration for accompanied luggage (which has to be filled in upon arrival in Russia, at the airport), it is possible to import household goods with total value of 5000 Euro duty-free
2). Russian citizen was living abroad for a long time and is moving back under official State Program for Assisting Compatriots Residing Abroad in Their Voluntary Resettlement in the Russian Federation. In this case only official Certificate of State Program participant is required
3). Foreign citizens who have recently obtained Residence Permit in Russian Federation.

Import of the following items is strictly prohibited:
— Food (any kind, even dry food)
— Alcohol and beverages
— Car tyres / wheels
— Medicines (except a small kit, but no antibiotics or drugs)
— Weapons, explosives
— Materials of pornographic nature
— Plants and seeds
— Some medical equipment, even for private use: massager, nebulizer (only prohibited in non-accompanied luggage)

For import customs procedure of household goods we will require the following documents:
1. Notarized translation of passport (photo page only) — 1 original
2. Copy of Russian visa — 1
3. Copy of registration / or copy of work permit of highly qualified specialist — 1
4. Notarized Power of Attorney on the name of our company – 1 original (we will send sample in the email)

Generally import customs clearance takes not more than 1 day and we can deliver the shipment on the day of customs clearance (for air-shipment) and on the next day after customs clearance (for road and sea-shipments).

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